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We're so gothic

We're dusty

Gothic Rating Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Rules for Applicants

† You must post your application within 24 hours of joining. Why join if you're not going to post anything?

♥ Please don't post auctions of any kind, quizzes, quiz results or personal posts.

♠ This is not a dumping grounds for cheap quality web cam photographs. We are celebrating style, pizzaz, your splendor, and, of course, high heels. Submit well-lit, flattering shots (see photo guidelines below)- figure out your best angles. Maybe we can help.

‡ No nudity for dames under 18. I don't want to see your underage boobies... yet. This goes for the boys too. Men and women over 18, go for it, but use an LJ-cut and warning.

♣ You may not comment until you have your accepted stamp.

Rules for Members

† Feel free to say whatever your little black heart desires in your votes, but do not say "undecided". You might as well not have commented at all.

♠ If you are leaving the community, make a farewell post, please.

‡ When posting more than one photograph, place the rest behind a Livejournal cut. You should know how to use them. If not, check Livejournal FAQ's.

♣ Do not delete, screen or freeze any comments. Contact your fellow moderator and she will take care of it.

♥ Post every now and then. Inactivity is boring for everyone! (And as my fellow Rocky Horror cast members say: "This is a lot like sex, if you don't participate, you can't come!")

Application for Non-Members
(Please post at least three photos (see guidelines for posting photos) of yourself as well as this application below.)


Personal Style Influences:

Favorite Personal Feature & Why?
Least Favorite Personal Feature & Why?

Favorite movies?
Favorite music?

Things you are absolutely passionate about:

Favorite gothic style? This can be any gothic style, not only one you are currently representing in your photos. It's whatever you are interested in.

Special appearances?

Why would you like to be a Gothicdoll? (Be honest! ;o)

Photo Posting Guidelines

First Photo: This should be the one you post outside of the LJ-cut(if it isn't a nude). I would like this one to be you at your gothiest (shutup it's a word ;o)

Second Photo: Any other gothic photo of you that you happen to like the most, but it has to be from a completely different photo shoot than the first photo posted. Double points for you if it's a different gothic genre. (ex- first photo- "old-school goth"-second photo- "cybergoth",etc.)

Third Photo: Everyone (myself included) must post one photo of themselves without all of that fake makeup nonsense. But don't misunderstand me, you are allowed to wear makeup in this photo. But no fake eyelashes, glitter, all of that glamour stuff included in your first two photos. This is where we see the true you. It's okay (and encouraged) if you don't even have eyebrows in this photo. It can be a candid photo of you. You may have just woken up and someone took a picture of you. If it's funny, please share. The point is I want to see what the real you looks like, the person beyond the hot lights, flashes, painted on eyebrows and hair extensions. I want to see that you don't take you or the gothic genre too seriously :o) Also, this community will probably rate you harshly but if you can't take it, you can't dish it.

° No nudity if you're a minor. If posting nudity, use an LJ-cut tag and a warning.
° No porn. This means no pink/no spread shots. Tasteful nudity please. This isn't Suicide Girls (although some of their photos are nice).
° When posting photos, please use common sense in sizing. Don't make them too big or too wide, that just compromises everyone's friends page. If you don't know how to resize your photos, let me know and I'll be glad to help.
° No cam-whore photos. PLEASE. There are other communities for that.
° Bondage and fetish photos are welcome. If you have questions about any other style or sub-genre, let me know.
° Most importantly, give credit to the photographer who shot your photos. (This can be you of course--you have to start somewhere ;o) Please list the photographer's name (or LJ name) and company/production company they work for (if applicable). You may also provide their website address (optional). The reason for this is I want to know whose photos I'm looking at.
° Limit yourself in using photoshopping software. We want to see you, not your photoshop skills. I'm not against it of course, it's an essential photographic tool, but if I see obvious airbrushing or too much contrast, etc. you will be made fun of.
° No fighting, DRAMA, name-calling or anything else that's immature. Please contact me if any problems arise. I don't want to see comments like "My black is blacker than your black" or "My synthetic hair is better than your synthetic hair!" Constructive criticism is best. Some of us are here to learn.
¤ NO FUCKING SNAPSHOTS. Your post will be made fun of, then deleted. I'm not expecting perfect studio lighting or fabulous props or expensive clothing (yes I am) but PLEASE don't post snap shots of you out for one weekend only dressed up like a goth to attend a fetish club or your gothy halloween costume. If you have questions about what is acceptable or need help deciding what to post, I would be more than happy to help you.


Try out for our sister rating community too!


Accepted Members


Rejected (and possibly banned) Members